Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time Flies; Fun Or Not!

Only my second post since the hubs became ill. I've barely made any jewelry at all and I feel the lack of energy. I am spending the next week reenergizing from a hubby brief hospital stay and then getting back at it.  Even though I've missed making my jewelry I haven't found the inspiration to get back at it. There always seems to be something else that has to be done. Another Doctors visit, meds to pick up, exercising to plan, meals, laundry, and I can't forget work.

The up side is I'm finally finding the blessings in my new job. I have found a few stolen moments to just be. I'm not stressed about what report is due, who needs what numbers, what the next meeting holds, and on, and on, and then there were the minutes of meetings. What a nightmare!  Anyway, I see why so many leave corporate America and find their passion.

PASSION -  I guess that is what I'm looking for now to get through the rough days with Kevin's illness. What compels me?  What motivates me?  I have to think outside of the lines of just taking care of my husband, my family, etc. my plan may seem simple but when days are gloomy it is sometimes difficult at best to get up and get going. My goal is to find me thus finding my passion for my jewelry designs. I have the tools.  I'm sure I am rusty at best but rust can remove itself with enough friction and bountiful attention and love.

First step, get moving to feel alive.
Seconds step, just start creating. Get out the pieces of beauty and just play. Browse the pages of other great artists and just see what strikes my fancy.
Third step, have a show. It doesn't have to be huge and I don't have to sell enormous amounts of anything. I just have to remind myself of the talent I think I hold and then just let it flow.

The hubby is doing ok. We take one day at a time. I've realized that I can't just make things ok. I have to work with him on his pace. I sometimes have to expect the worse. I also have to be ever forgiving.There  is pease in that somehow. Now to look forward to tomorrow!

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