Monday, December 9, 2013

What Am I afraid of.....? I got this!!

I have been so very busy the past 16 months with my husband, my job, my family....and ignoring my beads and jewelry supplies like the plague....ok, there I said it.  I finally put it out there.  I have been scared of failure.  I've been using everyone else as an excuse because I've been afraid that folks won't like my creations.  Now get this...Every time I make things I sell just about why am I afraid.  I now have folks asking me to start making again.  Now don't get me wrong..I have been sooooooooooooo busy with my husband and only getting about 5 hours of sleep a night.  Maybe I'm just tired.  I finally went to my doc and started taking care of me again after listening to a light lecture of about her glad that our visit together was in her office instead of in the ICU....I know, I know...nurses are notorious for lack of self care...flight of ideas anyone....clues of creative juices flowing......

The beads are out.  The Knotty-do-it-all has arrived.  The mini Macrame board is out.  S-lon cord oh my..what color will I choose....?  Shamballa anyone?  Double?  Single?  Earrings?  Bracelet?  What will it be?  Gotta finish the surprises for the grandkids first or darn...will have to post next week..

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Lost in life....waiting on inspiration to hit me....

I have had a few pieces I've been working on oh let's say forever.  I have only finished two pair of earrings in the past few months....boy that is just not creativity at it's best.  Where do I find my creative spark?  I'm not quite sure.  My husband is still ill, better but still not great.  Time to create is at a premium so I have to learn to create more time.  I have to get organized.  I have to stop sitting around and waiting on the bomb to drop. So far no bomb, just subtle rumblings.  Mental Health is something I've come to only begin to understand with my husband's condition.  It will get better is my prayer.  He will get better.  My hope:  to channel all into my craft into something that produces at least a good product.  I have had many requests by folks to start selling my items.  So creativity hit me.  I'll continue to search until I find my niche.  Any words of wisdom send them on.....

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Time Flies; Fun Or Not!

Only my second post since the hubs became ill. I've barely made any jewelry at all and I feel the lack of energy. I am spending the next week reenergizing from a hubby brief hospital stay and then getting back at it.  Even though I've missed making my jewelry I haven't found the inspiration to get back at it. There always seems to be something else that has to be done. Another Doctors visit, meds to pick up, exercising to plan, meals, laundry, and I can't forget work.

The up side is I'm finally finding the blessings in my new job. I have found a few stolen moments to just be. I'm not stressed about what report is due, who needs what numbers, what the next meeting holds, and on, and on, and then there were the minutes of meetings. What a nightmare!  Anyway, I see why so many leave corporate America and find their passion.

PASSION -  I guess that is what I'm looking for now to get through the rough days with Kevin's illness. What compels me?  What motivates me?  I have to think outside of the lines of just taking care of my husband, my family, etc. my plan may seem simple but when days are gloomy it is sometimes difficult at best to get up and get going. My goal is to find me thus finding my passion for my jewelry designs. I have the tools.  I'm sure I am rusty at best but rust can remove itself with enough friction and bountiful attention and love.

First step, get moving to feel alive.
Seconds step, just start creating. Get out the pieces of beauty and just play. Browse the pages of other great artists and just see what strikes my fancy.
Third step, have a show. It doesn't have to be huge and I don't have to sell enormous amounts of anything. I just have to remind myself of the talent I think I hold and then just let it flow.

The hubby is doing ok. We take one day at a time. I've realized that I can't just make things ok. I have to work with him on his pace. I sometimes have to expect the worse. I also have to be ever forgiving.There  is pease in that somehow. Now to look forward to tomorrow!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finding the Beauty is in the making while our hearts are sometimes are breaking!

Life is every changing and ever challenging.  Discovering if you are up for the challenge is the fun part. This is my first entry since my husband became ill in August.  We are on a scare but wonderful journey of simplicity.  It is very difficult to let go of things that we both knew and loved.  We are beginning to see the blessings in the crap as my husbands keeps saying.  There is something definitely to be said about simplifying your life and downsizing.  One of the things that my KK is helping to do is come up with new design ideas...keeps him busy...taking care of me...  He and I will be posting our creations and hopefully begin to sell some things this spring.  I've had multiple requests but I haven't really been brave enough to sell many pieces yet.  Keep an eye out.  Say many prayers for us.  And say a pray or two if you are willing....

Shawn and KK

Monday, September 10, 2012

Just signed up for a new blog creation project....Solar flare Blog Hop

UltimateSupplies has started a new blog hop....Solar Flare Blog Hop.  Here is a picture of inspiration from the blog hop....

Check out the blog page to join.  I learn so much every time I join a blog hop and I always make new friends.  My jewelry craft is getting better and better with every challenge.  

Saturday, September 8, 2012

It's Reveal Day for the Creative Chaos Challenge....

Great day for the net to be acting up...  It's reveal day for the

What we received...picture borrowed from 
Skye sent out the challenge and asked for participants that were willing to try their hand making jewelry pieces out of whatever was sent their way.  I'm a baby in the jewelry design world but thought "Why not sign up; you won't get it anyway."  Guess what....I was so shocked to learn that I was the chosen as a participant. A few weeks later I received my package with a great mix of things I had no idea what to do with.

 How would I ever get this challenge completed.  I do lots of beading and have dabbled with wire wrapping.  I did research once I received my package and did my best.  Let me know what you think.



Thanks to my Katie Beth for being my model.  Here is a link to photos in another forum...If you can't see the pics well here take a peak at my FB page....under mobile uploads...

Now go check out everyone else creation. Thanks! Sandra McGriffShawn Marie Myke-MillsMarge BeebeTammie Tusher EverlySarah GoodePaula Winchester Hisel

Wednesday, September 5, 2012