Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Finding the Beauty is in the making while our hearts are sometimes are breaking!

Life is every changing and ever challenging.  Discovering if you are up for the challenge is the fun part. This is my first entry since my husband became ill in August.  We are on a scare but wonderful journey of simplicity.  It is very difficult to let go of things that we both knew and loved.  We are beginning to see the blessings in the crap as my husbands keeps saying.  There is something definitely to be said about simplifying your life and downsizing.  One of the things that my KK is helping to do is come up with new design ideas...keeps him busy...taking care of me...  He and I will be posting our creations and hopefully begin to sell some things this spring.  I've had multiple requests but I haven't really been brave enough to sell many pieces yet.  Keep an eye out.  Say many prayers for us.  And say a pray or two if you are willing....

Shawn and KK

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